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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 20, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this hour on the big picture, two days of debate about whether to begin debate on health care. >> we have now less than 48 hours to look through this 2074 page bill. >> that's what we've heard. no to everything. >> a crucial vote is set for tomorrow dolphin the democrats have the numbers they need? >> the fight over trying those accused terrorists in new york. a republican senator tries to block federal funds to stop the trial. and the rhetoric continues. >> why don't i find the judge's cousin? why don't i find the bailiff's sister? why don't i find the jailer's
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brother? >> plus, the mischigan-ohio stae rivalry. buckeye fans got fired up by swimming in their own pee. according to shuster, this is a related note. new video of real gorillas. all that and more this hour on msnbc. good afternoon, everyone. i'm live in new york. >> i'm david shuster live in washington. this hour on the big picture, the u.s. senate has begun a two-day debate about whether to bring health care reform legislation to the floor for debate. confused? welcome to the arcane rules and procedures that mark the u.s. senate. tomorrow evening though, the drama will be clear. the official announcement came this morning from democratic majority leader harry reid. >> the next one will occur tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. saturday, november 21st. that vote will be on the vote to
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proceed to health care legislation. >> for this vote tomorrow evening, democrats must get 60 votes to keep their health care legislation alive. if they get less go their bill is dead. today democrats picked up a crucial vote from that senator. centrist ben nelson. democrat of nebraska. he said that despite his problems with the legislation, he will vote tomorrow evening to bring the bill to floor for debate. meanwhile, the debate over whether to debate continues. here's a bit of what we saw on the floor today. >> i would remind my colleagues on the other side of the aisle that last year, voters overwhelmingly voted for barack obama. to lead changes, to make changes. one of the changes he campaigned so hard on was changes in the health care system. and just as surely, voters elected democrats to majorities, big majorities in the house and the senate to do the same thing. so it is our responsibility to
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lead. >> when senator reid brought this bill out, he said of all the bills i've seen, it is the best. to me, it is the best of the worst bills that i could ever see. and this is just more of the same. >> in the bigger picture, some hispanic lawmakers say the white house is behind a push in congress to prohibit illegal immigrants from buying insurance in an exchange. the house bill that passed earlier would prevent illegal immigrants from getting subsidies to buy insurance but they would be allowed to use their own money to buy plans from an insurance exchange. the senate bill goes even further and cuts off the option to allow illegal immigrants to buy a plan from an exchange. congressional hispanic caucus member says "a forensic study would show it all leads back to rahm emanuel and the white house." joining us, you write about it. it is interesting, they have old ties from chicago. they know each other very well. and you've got the white house
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saying flat out, this has nothing to do with emanuel. what's the story here? >> you're right. they have worked very closely together. in fact, on the immigration issue when rahm emanuel was in the house. what is going on is hispanic lawmakers were upset and confused when the president came out and said in his joint session addressed to congress that illegal immigrants wouldn't have access to this health care system. then you heard the press secretary come back from that a little bit and clarify and talk a little more about the way the house was going. but then you see in the senate, this stiffer position. and all of the hispanic lawmakers i've talked to have pointed the finger directly at rahm emanuel and said he is the one pushing this. he fears immigration will cost democrats at the ballot box. whether president obama or moderate democrats. the white house is saying that that version of the facts is not true. >> jonathan, this idea that if you get a job and you spend your
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own money to buy insurance on an exchange, that the white house is blocking that, how big a political problem could this be for the white house in terms of the anger from hispanic leaders? >> i think it could be a big problem. not only from hispanic leaders, but bleeding over into other members of the house of representatives. if it comes back from the senate that way, there is a possibility that they'll vote against it. not just see members, the hispanic caucus. there may be congressional members that stand in unison, the asian pacific american caucus. any minority group and even some liberal whites may decide that's a bridge too far. what they'll argue, would you say someone who is an ill left field immigrant couldn't purchase go something at the drugstore with their own money. >> you brought up the black caucus. that could present a problem later on. this more related to jobs and what the party is doing to better put people back to work and the african-american community in this crisis.
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>> right now they're blocking some of the financial regulatory reform that the house and the white house and the senate want to do. basically, because they feel like not enough attention has been paid to some of those more kitchen table issues, or what they see is the folks who are suffering the most in this economy. >> interesting developments there. thank you very much. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> it was the announcement today that the era is going to end. and it involves oprah winfrey. >> after much prayer and months of careful thought, i've decided that next season, season 25, will be the last season of the "oprah winfrey show." >> oprah winfrey broke into tears as she told her fans her show will end in 2011. she said it was not an easy decision to make but she stressed it is the right time. oprah's show is only one small part of her empire. her empire is $2.7 billion. last year alone she earned $275
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million and she is listed as the 45th most powerful person in the world. joining us now from our chicago bureau, maria. we know that oprah starting up this cable channel. might we simply see her show go from where it is now to being on her own cable channel? >> i think that is definitely a possibility. her own network launches in january of 2011. in preparation for her departure in september. and earlier i got the chance to talk with some of her fans outside and they said the same thing. that they do expect to perhaps see her on her own network. here's what they had to say. >> i would like to think of this as a stepping stone. i am certain that whatever she touches will turn to gold. >> all over the country she's done a lot of good for a lot of people and a lot of good for chicago, i'm sure. we'll miss her. >> it is like somebody giving you words of wisdom and
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encouragement, and you just have a good, good feeling. and i'm going to miss really, you know, getting up with oprah. >> there you have some of her fans outside. everyone was surprised, not shocked. they were very happy for her and said she deserves it. she's given us 25 good years and they were happy for her happiness. >> maria, you spent a lot of time covering the comings and goings in hollywood. you know that she is leaving chicago. if she were to land, say, in southern california, how would she fit in? would she become the superstar of super stars? >> i think wherever oprah lands, she will be the superstar and she always is the superstar. so we don't know where she is going. the rumor is that she will be moving to los angeles because she lives in montecito nearby.
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the big question now remains, who will replace her? obviously no one can replace her. however, speculation is dr. oz maybe, a show she executive produces could be the replacement in that time slot and who will be her final guest? >> that's a good one. we're already purchasing our tickets so we can be in chicago on the final day. we'll be there. and we expect to see you -- >> i imagine you'll get a great gift. >> that's my next point. we're talking about who will replace her. do we know how this last year will be? oprah tuesday everything in grand style. they shut down michigan avenue earlier this year when they kicked off her show originally on abc in chicago, there was a parade. what will happen in its last year? >> i was just thinking that it could be something so insane as she gives out the audience millions of dollars. she said here is millions of dollars. and let's spread it amongst everybody. how can she top all the amazing things she's done over the years? the amazing gifts. she is an incredible woman and
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such an inspiration. so that last show is going to be huge. >> all right. thanks as always. we appreciate your joining us. and i think we can put the order down, three tickets, you, me, marie. a let's make plans. >> we'll to have stand in line. she never wrote that autobiography. she put it on hold saying there was more that she needed to do in life. so i'm curious. she had a deal, inked the deal to write this book about her life and she said it's not time. i wonder if that's another thing that's coming. her life in her own words. there has been a lot of speculation about it. >> if she needs help with a biographer -- well, coming up, what's wrong with the federal aviation administration? critics say the computer glitch that caused havoc nationwide yesterday is part of a troubling pattern that goes back decades. plus, prescription for confusion. yet another set of new guidelines today in women's health. this time for pap smears that is
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prompting more questions and quite honestly, answers. and hundreds of college kids, a hallowed tradition in some very, very yucky you're not-filled water. what are the buckeye students up to? we'll explain here.
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if you're planning to take at a trip by plane during the upcoming holidays, brace yourself, particularly if you have not flown for a while. you'll find fewer flights, smaller and more crowded planes and fees for everything from
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baggage to blankets. the number. seats this holiday seats is town 3.3% from last year but the major u.s. airlines say they expect 4% fewer travelers. so do the math. meanwhile, the federal aviation administration is working to prevent another computer glitch like the ones that caused those massive flight delays and cancellations for thousands of people across the country yesterday. >> it is the second time in 15 months the faa computer system has crashed. what's wrong and should we be worried as we head into this busy holiday travel season which kicks off on sunday. thank you for joining us. the information we receive from tom costello, it was never a real safety issue but certainly no one wants to be stuck 40 minutes, an hour, waiting for this glitch to be repaired and it has happened twice in 15 months. what's your take on it? >> the air traffic control system has been broken for a long time. they've been trying to modernize
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it for about 35 years and it is still not modernized. so somebody needs to not throw more money at it. we've spent almost $100 billion. we need to throw some smarts at it to fuix it. >> so with that said, we know there are funding issues. and with the reporting out there, there does not appear to be any money headed the was of fixing this antiquated system. what is the solution? is the only alternative cash and cash doesn't seem to be coming the fax's way? >> we've already spent the money. we've spent it multiple time to fix this system. unfortunately, the faa at any time spend the money wisely to create a new system that would be a 21st century air traffic control system. now, somebody has to take this thing over with authority to fund it. and unfortunately, the way the government works is by the time you get the funding, the system is already antiquated. >> as we look ahead to next week, it may be a mixed bag in
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terms of the weather. how is the faa doing in terms of figuring out ways to get around troubling weather systems so that the entire country doesn't get delayed? is the technology improving in terms of that aspect? >> i think the technology is improving on the aircraft themselves. in other words, the airlines are flying smarter. there are fewer flights in flight at any one time. so i think you're going to experience fewer delays due to weather. but look. as long as more airplanes want to go to the same airport. the airport can handle. and weather reduces the availability of slots to get in, there will be delays no matter what. >> let me ask you this, i don't want to present a doom day issue here but what do you see is the worst-case scenario if the funding is not available and we keep with this system? this control sfystem that dates back to the '60s? >> they don't have the money to pony up. in order to support a privately
4:18 pm
funded major renovation of the air traffic control system. >> it is incredible. hopefully it does not happen as david pointed out as we enter this busy holiday system. greatly appreciate it. two times in 15 months? that's incredible. when you think about the funding and so many other issues that we're dealing with in this we're dealing with in this recession and trying to give
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there are a lot of things that could be news in this world. but there are only a few stories that make us say no way. >> a nightmare for father and son. the dad became separated from his 3-year-old son by a commuter train door. the little boy stepped out of the train and on to the platform in portland, oregon. but the door shut and the train sped away before dad could get off. >> i frantically tried to push the open door button and they did not open. being a father, i panicked, not knowing what to do, i pushed the emergency intercom button and there was no answer. >> the father jumped off the train at the next stop and boarded another train going in the direction he came from as fast as he could to be reunited with his son. fortunately, a good samaritan stayed with the toddler the entire time. >> my heart just sank. a woman in pennsylvania wanted to help the environment but her neighbors aren't feeling it. karen frolik, the self-proclaimed queen of laundry, said her neighbors took exception to her green routine of hanging out her laundry to
4:23 pm
dry, excluding her undies. she said those unmentionables are dried inside wood stove using only wood from fallen trees. she is really about this green thing. she is not backing down saying she has just finished writing a book called clothesline crusade and she wants to make hanging clothes as common as recycling. good for her. the tokyo zoo is welcoming a newborn gorilla. the baby girl is the first gorilla born in japan in seven years. oh, look at those eyes. the 26-year-old mom gave birth to the 16-year-old father. she's a cougar waiting outside the cage. a gorilla that's a cougar. the students in this story may make the gorilla seem civilized. tomorrow is the big game with an inferior school known as ohio state university. why are the buckeyes inferior? well, scientists in ohio reported this week that buckeye students swim in their own urine. stay with me.
4:24 pm
i'm not kidding. last night, thousands of ohio state students followed an annual tradition of jumping in the lake in columbus to get fired up for the michigan game. but yesterday, before this event, several area newspapers warned the students a graduate student had analyzed the water quality of last year's lake jump and found the temperature went up 3 degrees and the ammonia levels surged. in other words, students are peeing in the lake. again. ohio state students had this information yesterday hours before last night and still they jumped in the lake, urine and all. gross? you bet. disgusting? of course. but hey, we're talking about the sociopathic fringe in our society. aka ohio state buckeye football fans. hey, buckeyes, do us all a favor. take a shower before you visit ann arbor michigan tomorrow. >> goodness, david. now that you've made your feelings quite clear where you stand on this, i love --
4:25 pm
>> go blue! the victors! >> yes, and wash up. that's all i can say. up next, that's disgusting. from pap smears to mammograms. what is behind all. these new confusing health guidelines for women? and why are they coming at the same time? is it just a coincidence? we'll talk to the chief science correspondent bob bazell. plus disturbing news about al qaeda possibly extending their influence in the english speaking world. this is the big picture. ne tdd# 1-800-345-2550 through your schwab account - for free! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 yup, schwab clients can trade any of these tdd# 1-800-345-2550 w exchange-traded funds, online... commission-free! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 trade large-cap... for free. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 trade small-cap... for free. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 trade international... for free. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 trade one, trade a few... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 ...for free! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 only schwab clients. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 only online at schwab. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd#1-800-345-2550
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this is the cnbc market wrap. stocks ending down today. the dow losing 14 points. the s&p 500 falling three points, and the nasdaq losing ten points. oil prices ended lower for a third straight day today, dragged down by the stronger dollar and concerns over the pace of an economic recovery. oil dropped 74 cents a barrel to set off a low $77 a barrel.
4:29 pm
general motors says u.s. auto sales could top an annual rate of 10.8 million and that would mark the first time sales jumped without the aid of the cash for clunkers program. and e-bay has completed its sail of skype. the investor group that bought this internet phone company includes its original founders. ebay sold a 70% and it will keep the remaining 30%. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. now back to msnbc. welcome back. live in new york. >> i'm taifd shuster live in washington. >> the big picture, maig nidal malik hasan will have his first court hearing in his hospital room tomorrow. that is according to his attorney. this as disturbing new revelations are coming to light about major hasan. he told a radical anti-american
4:30 pm
cleric "i can't wait to join you." referring to the afterlife. it was one of 18 e-mails. they deemed them to be innocent. today senator joseph lieberman, said congress is focused on preventing another tragedy. >> this is not a question of muslim american soldiers. this is a question of jihadism. there are thousands of muslim americans serving in the military honorably and the best we could do to protect and honor their service is to make sure that when there is an occasion where somebody goes extremist, that we catch the signs and stop that person from acting. >> hasan's attorney john gallagher said tomorrow's hearing will determine if hasan will be place in the pretrial confinement which could likely mean jail. he said he will argue hasan is
4:31 pm
paralyzed and therefore needs more hospital care. in the bigger picture, the growing number of english language websites sympathetic to al qaeda. and has reportedly jumped from roughly 30 sites seven years ago to more than 200 today. that's according to a saudi government program that works to combat militant islamic websites. many of the sites pose sermons by clerics like this one who communicated by e-mail to major hasan. compare that to arabic language sites that have dropped from over 1,000 to around 50. thanks to global efforts to shut them down. evan coleman monitors these sites. there are more al qaeda sites in english, sympathetic to al qaeda. what does that mean? >> i think if you look at this, it makes a lot of sense. if al qaeda is looking to recruit americans, people already here in this country who are capable of carrying out trust attacks, does it make
4:32 pm
sense to preach to them in arabic or english? obviously english. these social networking forums are becoming havens for individuals who are loene wolve. they are expressing an interest, a desire, a conviction to carry out acts of violence in the name of jihad. they are translating this into english. they are trading the videos put out by al qaeda. it is amazing, the amount. activity. they have an entire infrastructure going on behind the scenes and it is all in english. and it is all hard core jihadi propaganda. >> it is interesting. this story first happened on ft. hood and we learned more information about this communication with major hasan. we went on his facebook page and he had hundreds of american teenage here's were members and asking for his friendship. you talk about their infrastructure to give their mental out. what about the ability to fight this? what kind of resources can our government provide to try to eliminate these sites?
4:33 pm
>> right now, we're not doing a terribly good job of waging a campaign against this. the smart way to attack this is not trying to shut town websites. i don't think if you shut down a website, do you anything concrete. the only thing that happens is it pops up somewhere else a day or two later. if you really want to understand how these networks work, the significant players behind them, you have to quietly surveil and observe these websites and these forums and you have to get to know the people on there and create profiles and find out where they're located and who they are. what is amazing is, this is what a lot of people don't understand spxt the folks that are on these forums, some are just talking tough. some are just wannabes. but you have other people on there who are making plots to carry out terrorist attacks all online. you have people who are plotting together to go to a place like somalia or pakistan to join the organized terrorist group. that kind of activity is very disturbing. again, especially when you see it from people who speak english who have lived in this country their entire lives themselves don't know anything else but
4:34 pm
america but they are absolutely committed to the idea of carrying out violence in the name. al qaeda. >> nbc news terrorism analyst evan kohlmann. >> thank you. some new guidelines for cervical cancer screening that are out today and they are prescription for confusion. >> yeah. the new recommendations come days after the controversial guidelines came out recommending changes in mammography screeningses. the standard screening for cervical cancer right now is for a woman to have the first test three years after their first sexual encounter, or by age 21. now the american college of obstetrician and gynecologists recommends that women have their first screening at 21 regardless of the sexual activity. it recommends most women under 30 have a pap smear every two years instead of annually. those over the age of 30 with three negative tests in a row can have the test once every three years. so how do you make sense of all of these recommendations and how do you factor it into your medical health?
4:35 pm
the chief correspondent bob bazell joins with us more on this. what to we make of this? this has nothing to do with what's happening with health care reform you look at these websites, people think this is a part of the health care bill and they wonder why these two guidelines changes came out within the same week. >> the guidelines in the same week is surely by coincidence. they're from completely different organizations. the cervical cancer guidelines came out from the american cancer of obstetricians and gynecologists. the reason they came out is because there is a danger that if a woman too young in age is diagnosed with the abnormal cell types, it can lead to cervical cancer, she needs a procedure that can influence her fertility later. on and because cervical cancer is a very slow growing disease, i think the goal here is to limit that procedure. we should point out that there is no better cancer screening tool than the pap smear for serve contractu cervical cancer. it has reduced deaths
4:36 pm
enormously. nobody should take this to mean you shouldn't get your cervical cancer test. as a question of frequency, you can talk to your doctor about it. unlike mammography where there are arguments about how effective it is and how many lives it really saves, this saves enormous numbers of lives and nobody wants to abandon it. >> you mentioned the guidelines. of course, that's heavily debated. women are confused on that. we're not seeing that same kind of debate on whether this is appropriate change or appropriate recommendations? >> no, not at all. the reason mammography is so much more confusing is it is an imperfect test. it tuesday save lives. there is a question of how many lives it saves for what it puts the woman through who get the tests. this is much tiff. cervical answer is always held up as the gold standard of screening. >> these guidelines again from the obstetrician gynecologists, the american college of obgyns,
4:37 pm
widely respected. when you see this kind of information and you're a woman, do you process it as fact? >> i would say, well, first a lot of it will be for very young women is the biggest changes. and it will be their mothers or they. when they get their first encount we are health care. it is not a very significant big change in anything. and i think that the important message is, women should think about getting screened for cervical cancer. maybe starting at age 21 but definitely do it and talk to your doctor about when you should do it and how often. >> we talked the last hour about these scientists in norway who believe they've come up with a mutated form of the swine flu that could go even deeper. what is the latest on that and what is the danger? >> well, all around the world, david, scientists are working for new variations. mutations of the flu. flu does mutate very quickly. so there is a very strong surveillance system in place for that. they did find these viral
4:38 pm
samples in two people who died and one person who got very sick in norway and it was immediately reported. the cdc in the united states and the world health organization are both watching this very closely, but there is no reason to think this potentially dangerous strain is spreading further than these few cases. but stay tuned. everybody is going to be on top of this very quickly. there is no evidence yet of any further danger from influenza because of these strains. it is the kind of surveillance that really needs to be done very actively. >> all right. thank you very much. you can expect much more about this over the controversy of the screening of cancer guidelines on "meet the press." ambassador nancy brinker from the sues an g. komen foundation and dr. nancy snyderman will join the moderator david gregory to discuss it. you can see much more of the controversy over these screening guidelines on "meet the press." just ahead, our face-off on tomorrow's showdown in the united states senate. does harry reid have the 60
4:39 pm
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it's probably no surprise that the so-called botox tax is already come under fire from the
4:43 pm
company that sells it. they say the tax discriminates against women. another company that sell fillers. what is next? are we going to tax people who color their hair? the tax on the senate bill would add a 5% surcharge on elective cosmetic procedures. and today, the senate is getting ready for that crucial reform health care legislation tomorrow. >> one wavering centrist democrat is saying he'll vote to open debate on the senate bill. but democratic leaders are not certain they have the votes there and they're going to need. >> tomorrow night, we will call our first procedural vote. i've only been asked 30 or 40 times do we have the votes. we're not assuming a thing. we're working hard to get all democrats together for the 60 votes necessary to proceed to this historic debate. >> but republicans are expected to unanimously vote against moving forward on the senate's health reform bill, criticizing the cost of the bill.
4:44 pm
>> i think what is striking about this proposal in that it was marked as being different and going to drive costs down is according to the congressional budget office, it actually increases the overall cost of health care by $160 billion. >> here to face off, democratic strategists and former communications director, and republican strategist and former communications director for the republican congressional committee, karen. chris, i'll start with you. response to senator turban expressing the uncertainty we've heard. >> i think he is being cautious. i'm pretty confident that we have the 60. in fact, i would say it's almost a certainty that we're going to move forward. there are still challenges ahead but i think the bill that came out clearly, i think, does a lot of good things. in particular, in terms. addressing deficits and spending. you're talking about $127 billion will be cut from the deficit over the next decade. hundreds of billions potential had i after that. so in term of the first
4:45 pm
procedural step, i think we'll move forward on saturday. >> it's interesting. david vitter was on morning joe saying he expected the democrats to get the 60 they need but then certainly vowed there would be a fight ahead. we saw the same kind of pledge with republicans saying they would line up against the house bill. but one republican ironically from louisiana did vote for the house bill. do you expect any republicans to cross that line? even just to get to the point of debate. not to support the bill itself but just to get it to debate point of this. >> they don't need a new republican votes to get to the point of debate. it would be shocking if senator reid cannot get the 60 votes within the democratic party to move this bill along. i mean, it is quite frankly, shocking that it has taken them so long thus far. i guess the real question is, how far into the night and how much arm twisting does he have to do? you know that senator ben nelson has a laundry list of goodies
4:46 pm
that he is holding out for from the democratic leadership in order to get his vote. >> a lot of people are asking, what is the harm? what is the danger in debate? why won't the republicans even get to that point? >> first, they don't need republican votes. this is a democrat bill. we've got that established. but what is the danger of debate? at least from the republican standpoint? >> i think it will be great. even senator joe lieberman who is an independent that caucuses with democrats and does not necessarily support the bill said he is willing to put up a vote to get this to debate because he is very interested in exposing a lot of what is in this bill to the american people. i think that will be healthy. they don't need republican votes to do it. and i look forward to a healthy debate and i hope it is a very healthy debate. i hope it is not something that happens in the middle of the night with a lot of arm twisting. i hope they expose the details of this, over 2,000 page bill for the american people to see.
4:47 pm
their profiles in courage once again that they're afraid to vote on a simple motion to proceed. it is probably one of the most significant issues that congress and the president has dealt with in decades. the republicans have been basically either silent or obstructionist. that is basically their philosophy. they don't want to offer a single viable or credible proposal that will address the problem. not surprising. so they turn around and basically say, the democrats can do it all on their own. >> why can't they do it on their own? why can't they? you own the white house, you own the house and the senate. >> that's correct that you would think that republicans would realize that, people who don't have health care, the tens of millions, they're not all democrats. they're also republicans, independents, they're americans. >> you would think the democrats would realize all these people without health care, the democrats should be able to come together. except that a hot of democrats don't agree with this bill. >> it is amazing that republicans simply don't want to address the key problems.
4:48 pm
>> the issue is the republicans may indeed be the party of no debate but they're certainly the party at least, according to john shaddock of coming one the ideas of how terrorists might be able to exploit the 9/11 trials that are coming in new york. here's what shaddock said in the house floor. i'll ask for your reaction on the other side. watch. >> if i were a terrorist outside the united states, and khalid shaikh mohammed was going on trial in new york, i would say, why don't i find the judge's cousin? why don't i find the bailiff's sister? why don't i find the jailer's brother? and i'll capture them and hold them for ransom until khalid shaikh mohammed is released. >> karen, i have a feeling that out there somebody is thinking, hey, shaddock just gave me a great idea. i'm mad about this trial and now i know what to do. what is he thinking? >> i don't think shaddock is giving anyone any ideas. i think you could watch the sopranos and get that concept.
4:49 pm
i think republicans are, i think the hyperbole from the republican side over this issue is overwhelming a lot of legitimate questions that have yet to be answered by the administration. and i think it is frustrating for many of us on the right. and it is not just questions that republicans have. i think it is a hot of folks out there throughout america who just have some really basic questions about how do you take someone who is not arrested in the united states, who has not read his miranda rights. how does this process work? i'm willing to give the attorney the benefit of the doubt. the problem is, whether it has been on health care or the stimulus or now trying ksm in new york, there is always a lack of messaging from this administration. it is always for someone else to deal with. >> maybe a lack of understanding from people who don't want to listen. >> but they're not talking. >> here's the irony in the
4:50 pm
criticism. when moussaoui, the 20th hijacker was tried, the republicans including folks like giuliani came out and praised the administration. now they're criticizing that this individual can't be tried. well, of course he can be tried. of course, tuesday anyone actually doubt that he is not going to be convicted? and in fact, people misunderstand this one simple point. this is not about giving justice to khalid shaikh mohammed. this is about giving justice to the victims of 9/11. >> i agree with you, chris. it is about justice. but it is just some basic procedural questions, and chris, maybe you have the answer. and i don't understand why the attorney general just hasn't given some, just simple answers that would clarify. >> a lot of answers though, we're all going to get answers from the federal judge who eventually is assigned to this because these are questions -- >> why can't the attorney general provide answers? >> because the attorney general is not trying this case. that's the whole point. >> but he has determined where this case will be held. >> thank you both so much.
4:51 pm
we appreciate you coming on. by the way, before we move on, an editorial note. earlier today, cnbc's john harwood said gm and ford got federal assistance. he meant to say gm and chrysler. he knows that. he just misspoke. we all regret the error. the president is playing catch and some members of a city council end up playing chicken. we'll connect the dots on that. then on "hardball" work the senators on opposite ends of the spectrum on health care reform. bernie sanders and judd greg. "hardball" with chris matthews just minutes away. n tissue... ...caused quite a commotion. mom knows to use soothing puffs plus with lotion. plain tissue can irritate the sore nose issue. puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue.
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there is a lot going on today. here are a few more things we thought everybody should know. >> first the city councilmembers were in a fierce debate over backyard chicken coops when they got a surprise visit. >> we have an expert that arrived, i think. >> the questions for our guest is, would you prefer a coop or not? >> it's very pro chicken. the chicken in the audience is in favor of this ordinance. >> okay. the chicken apparently did not ruffle any feathers. you saw them pretty much laughing it off. the councilmembers said they found it to be humorous. no word on who the chun is. he or she left without speaking but did leave a real chicken egg behind. >> an anonymous chicken.
4:56 pm
hmmm. the long pass at the white house. check out part of the nfl's new public service ad. at this time, wouldn't it be great to give our children a bright and happy future? >> president obama wearing a chicago bears jacket as he catches the pass and the new orleans saints drew brees, encouraging kids to stay active and healthy. >> very dramatic slow mo, wasn't it? finally, a last word on the bow. president obama's bow to the japanese emperor sparked a lot of controversy. the white house said it was a sign of respectful some conservatives said he was being too differential. a new poll from fox news shows
4:57 pm
67% of americans think the bow was appropriate. 53% of republicans thought the bow was just fine. those are numbers again provided by fox. those are the things we thought you should know today. david? >> no big deal in the bow then. >> all right. congress is headed for yet another saturday night. this time in the senate. voting on the health care bill. let's get right to the next read on politics with the stories we'll be watching tomorrow. a political reporter for nbc news, what do you have for us? >> hey there. as you were mentioning, congress will be having that saturday night vote related to health care. the senate, of course, won't be voting on the bill itself but whether to allow debate. publicly, it is not clear if democrats of the 60 votes needed to avoid a filibuster but privately they're confident. turning to next week, we've been hearing a decision on afghanistan is imminent. don't expect one before thanksgiving. obama will have a meeting though
4:58 pm
holding his first state dinner as president with india's prime minister. and of course, sarah palin's book tour continues with stops this weekend in washington, pennsylvania, that is, not d.c., as well as rochester, new york, and then roanoke, virginia. on monday, she heads to ft. bragg, north carolina. but military officials there have asked her to tamp down the rhetoric and stay away from making a political speech. >> interesting. let me ask you about the state dinner. we've talked about what will happen tomorrow with the vote. any buzz, any surprise invites? what's going on? >> we heard much earlier in the year that there would be this state dinner. the president has had some criticism for being overseas. i wonder if we'll hear some conservatives start to say that the president again is not focused on the economy because he is having the sought the dinners and all that. it is fascinating though. india from a foreign policy standpoint, india is a main rival of pakistan. and it is a real fine line the
4:59 pm
u.s. has to tow on that relationship there. and the u.s. needs both. but both countries really are not fans of each other. >> you mentioned the word rivalry so i have to finish. we won't show the video again. they jump in a lake, they know there is urine in a lake and they still do it. did you ever do anything like that when you were in college? >> i can't say that i have, actually. you know, i didn't do a lot of that. tell del and columbia, no, i can't say. >> superior schools to the ohio state university. thanks as always. we appreciate it. check out first read every morning. it is updated often. >> that does it for the big picture today. thank you for joining us all week long. up next, "hardball" with chris matthews. you're going to want to know the latest information on the senate debate dolphin they have the votes to get over this procedural hurdle? a lot of newsom


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